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Here you’ll find an assortment of videos, from replays of the Gaiscioch Weekend Warriors Schedule to my new games on a train series, and more complete play throughs. Almost all the streaming I do ends up here and a few bits of offline play that won’t ever be on twitch or forge.


Looking for something a little more live(ly)? Every Saturday at 7PM in the UK you can find me on live on twitch with the Gaiscioch Weekend Warriors, and occasionally for the odd special event. Keep an eye out for


Forge is one of the newer content sharing sites on the Internet. Starting out allowing players to share clips of their best moments it now incorporates streaming. With a great community, really  inviting software, forge might be the next thing. Find my highlights and streams including.



Weekend Warriors

Join me as I jump into another fine mess with the team at Gaiscioch, every Sunday at 11am PT. We bring fun, firepower, and disaster everywhere we go, featuring a range of PvP focused games from closed Betas to well worn oldies.